miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010


Sometimes it's funny to need you
because you make me crazy.
You make me good
when the days have not anything.

Tell me why you’re like a bomb
and I will lend you my shoulder.
Give me a second and open the door,
I will come back with flowers.

Sometimes people are stupid
because they don’t look for a chance.
Now I wanna do it
and say you ‘lets go to dance’.

One second is just a second
but it can be the most important.
So, now I go to play a song
with rhymes assonants.

Sometimes sun is life
but the sunbeams could be mean danger.
Sometimes eyes are like a knife
in the hearts of strangers.


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  1. letras de canciones hermosas , a veces es divertido que me vuelven loca